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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

brand spanking new poem..tonguing the wound

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Next book coming out on the awesome Interior Noise Press. No set date as I am still reassembling my brain...

newest poem, first one I like a whole lot in a little over a year, please share any comments good or bad!

Tonguing the wound

My hatred
Is changing
Making things grow
From the blackened barren ground

Containing soil which I spent hours upon hours digging
Those around me thought I wanted to plant a seed
I simply wanted to hide a bone
But no suitable soil was found

My love
Is forgotten
The word itself written on a piece of paper
A thousand times over
Then crumpled and used to light my last smoke

As I walk my veins throb
For a good old fashioned
The aforementioned ceremony to be attended
By only the finest self-appointed priests, healers, and snake handlers

But when I finally managed to get this pen to paper
To tongue that red swollen mouth wound
The words fell out
Only to shape the notes I wrote into the
Devils chord

And I can’t help but think
None of this would have happened
Had I kept my lazy crazy eye
On my rented out red right hand.

A bone would come in handy right about now
I think where I messed up
Was by not cauterizing the wound
After the big show

In fact a fire
Might have saved us all
From myself.


1 comment:

  1. I absolutely love this poem. It is so raw and honest. Reading it hits me like a kick to my stomach and brings me to a time where I felt exactly the same way. Awesome poem!