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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

90 Meetings in 90 days

I was flying low

Headed for a crash

I didn’t just kick the shit

Like all my hip friends

I did another drive thru lobotomy.

Watching and feeling the junk

Leave your body

Is a gross inventory Real horror show like

  The problem, I’m told

Is that My roof (repeat)
is apparently on fire

and these mother fuckers think they have the right cocktail
to put the thing out

I say let it burn

But I signed away my rights

When I walked thru the

One way door.

I’m a veteran here

So they just throw me back in the trenches

And I can smell feces Smell gunpowder And hear dirty jokes
Like my second tour of Nam

My marathon thru Institutions is lengthy And some might even say Impressive:

Children’s homes Foster homes Juvie

Mental hospitals Free VD clinics Housing projects Jail

From anywhere

To anywhere

On a goddamn Greyhound bus

I didn't get

The  I love myself
 Jacket this time
But my own red dragon

Reared its ugly head And it was wearing Too much red lipstick

90 Meetings in 90 days the big book
the 12 steps

a higher power slap it all together
and feed it to the masses

with nicotine and coffee and what you have is possibly

the most brilliant pyramid scheme ever
but all these people are selling

is a shiny new you

cause “you’re not well”

and “you need to get better”

and “if you take one more drink you’ll die” and I wonder if they know how fucking thirsty I am

you’re useless if you aren’t producing
consuming procreating
goddamn its frustrating

and a little ironic that my refrigerator
is exactly 12 steps away.

But in here

Life is simple

Put me in a room full of

Crazies and drug addicts

And I feel the spotlight in my eyes

And it’s like I’m a debutante Claiming my white trash heritage And somehow I feel like
I've finally fucking arrived!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. interruptions  in life, but I'll always come back

     Do not forget that my new book will be coming out probably  early next year on Interior Noise Press.

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