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Thursday, September 19, 2013

You take the forest, I'll take the moon

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You take the forest, I’ll take the Moon

Too much buzz buzzin’ in my ear lately
About leaving a light footprint

Me?   I’m putting on my steel toed boots,
And  stompin’ as hard as I can
Down my dark and windy path.

My footprints will be so deep, so thick,
It will look as though I bounced off the moon
With each and every step.

I like that!
Me doing twists and turns in the sky
And having space (literally) between those beneath me.

The blood red moon has always grounded me,
 the same way fools follow
 that sacrilegious and unholy north star.

Nonetheless, I find myself bumping into trees
Knocking myself out, only to wake up
Forgetting where I’m going
And never liking where I am at,
It’s my curse and I accept it.

And a lot of you hypocrites that preach about “going green”,
Fill your SUV’s with gas, and head over to Costco
To buy large quantities of “green” paper towels, laundry detergent, diapers,  (cause you are all breeders)…tampons, deodorant, herbal remedies…
And anything else you can think of.

And they clog up the landfills
The exact same way
As the cheaper stuff bought at the dollar store.

Green Green Green
I’ve been forced to pledge allegiance to a country
I have never believed in
I have seen horrible wars started by “my” people
And hung my head in shame.

So, the only green I see are Dead Presidents
You know the ones who all started
These never-ending wars…

Tread lightly, and go green
If you wander into my path somehow,
 Don’t be surprised
To see me quickly bounce down for another hard stomp
Sparkling of moon dust
With a pocket full of stars.
Stomp, stomp. Stomp

Because my dreams
Do not come
From bumper stickers.

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