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Saturday, March 2, 2013

and flying monkeys can't save me

I have a new book coming out on Interior Noise Press. Some of these will be submitted for it, others will not. Laying on a pile of poems and  just posting them as I feel it. So, to read the poems that won't be on have to buy the book! I'll let you know when its coming out, shouldn't be till later this year which gives me plenty of stuff to post stuff, and stash stuff, to make an incredible book.

Welcome to my poetry blog

                                                         And flying monkeys can’t save me

The tick toking is mocking
hard deep inside my chest
as it's long arms

touch me

And it may be an urban myth but I often dream about waking up in a tub full of ice

and the sharp ones are angry with me as they spent hours cutting
only to find out the hard way just how heartless I really am

You come along and think you're the yellow brick road to Oz
You've never seen me

hide behind my own curtains

pulling out my teeth one by one and throwing them at paper.

If you see a girl who looks like me wearing ruby red slippers
it’s only a coincidence

I heard the crystal ball break years before I left Kansas


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  1. I shared it and I love this one. Terrific as usual Debbie!