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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Smashing your head on the punk rock

I have a new book coming out on Interior Noise Press. Some of these will be submitted for it, others will not. Laying on a pile of poems and  just posting them as I feel it. So, to read the poems that won't be on have to buy the book! I'll let you know when its coming out, shouldn't be till later this year which gives me plenty of stuff to post stuff, and stash stuff, to make an incredible book.

Thank you for visiting my poetry blog!

Smashing your head on the punk rock

Punk rock is that pitcher of margaritas that you sucked down 

(Forgetting to leave a tip) With the bitter salt

That left you licking your lips and wanting more

Punk rock is the chip on your shoulder

It's the scab on your knee

It's the red horse that crashed Jesus' crucifixion party

It's the swollen bump on your tongue Begging you to run it over your teeth With the raw pain

Smudged all over your high school years

That mugged and raped you

In the beautiful foul stenched alley of hope.

Take no fucking prisoners

Trust no one

You will be tested on this material

Over and fucking over

Until you deep throat grandpa's gun

Music with no words

Gloves with no punch

Leading you right back to suburbia Pawning off your ole' punk rock

 escapades As a string of stories in your wild past 

Fuck you if you ever forget


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