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Monday, February 4, 2013

take your last toxic breath looking right into the sun

I have a new book coming out on Interior Noise Press. Some of these will be submitted for it, others will not. Laying on a pile of poems and  just posting them as I feel it. So, to read the poems that won't be on have to buy the book! I'll let you know when its coming out, shouldn't be till later this year which gives me plenty of stuff to post stuff, and stash stuff, to make an incredible book.

Welcome back to  my poetry blog. Thanks for stopping by, Today I have a poem that was only published once on Catfish McDaris' blog. I could be wrong but I think this is the poem he nominated me for the pushcart prize. Hope you enjoy it.

Take your last toxic breath looking right into the sun

And so the well informed liberal
with the nice car and big heart
who had stopped by to buy some
weed from my husband
 looked over at me from the couch and said
So what are we supposed to do now?
I mean should we even vote like chumps
knowing full well it's a fixed race?

then he talked about his I phone
about how he both loved and hated it
at the same time
you get 24/7 hours of entertainment
but then they have you harder by the bulbs

and then

we went back and forth for awhile
talking about adverse conspiracy theories
to make ourselves laugh
just for a minute

then we talked about vices
it was a good word spar
neck to neck at times

and we eventually declared that
yes this was happening
it was all around us
and we were all in it together

I've got a short term life span
screaming me to submission
there are many many ways

to lobotomize yourself                     
and now is the time

assume crash positions
try for some pity sex
then sit back and watch with the rest of us

I'm sorry we weren't closer.

1 comment:

  1. I love this. Captures so much of my own inner dialogue! Your poems are like raw x-rays of the common psyche...WOW!