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Monday, February 18, 2013

circus of a waste of my fucking time

I have a new book coming out on Interior Noise Press. Some of these will be submitted for it, others will not. Laying on a pile of poems and  just posting them as I feel it. So, to read the poems that won't be on have to buy the book! I'll let you know when its coming out, shouldn't be till later this year which gives me plenty of stuff to post stuff, and stash stuff, to make an incredible book.

Welcome to my poetry blog, thanks for stopping by!

Circus of a waste of my fucking time

Boom swagger boom
When I move across a room
I take up space and make noise

I work the room like
By forcing myself upon them
Laying them down
They assume the position
And I have a proposition
Considering my condition…

I leave a trail of scales
On my way to you

I can hypnotize you with my eyes
And I can  hiss and meow

I mark my territory
With piss and bile

The revolving door of men
Who travel thru my den
Like a goddamn freak circus
And I should have learned my lesson…

But I still have a thing
For swallowing the knife


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